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by admin 2 weeks ago

Smaller is better with Samsung’s Gear Sport smartwatch

Samsung’s been in the smartwatch game longer than most. The first Galaxy Gear hit the market way back in 2013, beating out the Apple Watch by 18 months. It doesn’t get nearly as much love (or market share) as Cupertino’s offering,...

by admin 2 weeks ago

Samsung’s Gear IconX earbuds find life outside the gym

Far and away the question I get asked the most when I’m wearing a pair of AirPods is: do they stay in? It’s a fair question, and for the answer is, yes, but probably not for everyone. I like the wireless earbuds quite a bit, but...

by admin 3 weeks ago

LG’s mobile business can’t stop losing money

Korea electronics giant LG continues to show the world that making a profit, or even breaking even, from selling smartphones is no easy thing. LG Mobile has posted just one quarter of profitability over the last two years, that was six...

by admin 3 weeks ago

Why Samsung doesn’t beat Apple where it matters

An innovation strategist, Guy Hirsch is the former director of Innovation Strategy and lead of Retail Innovation at Samsung, mentor at UpWest Labs and two-time venture-backed founder. Samsung’s competition with Apple is on premium...