Samsung turned the Note 7 disaster into an S8 feature

by admin March 31, 2017 at 6:10 am

The greatest trick Samsung ever pulled was spinning its biggest misfire into a feature. And it happened right under our noses. In fact, not only did the company complete the transformation in plain sight, it used its highest profile platform to do it. Yesterday’s big Galaxy S8 event marked the finishing touches.

Buried deep in the pomp and circumstance of the press conference was the assertion that the Note 7s battery woes, once a PR disaster, were now the foundation of a new feature for the company. What didn’t kill the company had only made it stronger, and the eight-point battery that had been put in place as the company scrambled to put out proverbial fires was now something it could promote alongside its Infinity Display and smart assistant.

It was a subtle shift. One that played out over the course of multiple high-profile press conferences. At both CES and Mobile World Congress, the company set aside time at the top of the event to address the situation. It apologized humbly and promised to do better. In late January, it held a press conference detailing the findings of multiple third-party investigators and outlined its new safety process.

By February, the company started an aggressive ad campaign in the lead up to the S8 announcement. One of the TV spots opens with the worlds “Quality Assurance at Samsung,” set to the percussive intro to the percussive intro to The O’Jays’ 1975 classic, “Give the People What They Want.” The rest of the spot features sexy shots of stress testing set the Gamble & Huff piece of funk-soul populism.